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Take Route 422 West. As you approach Kittanning, you will come to a traffic light (Trader Horn will be on your right, Kwik Fill gas station on your left). Go straight through the light (NOTE: The roadway splits into three lanes - the right lane to New Bethlehem Route 66, the middle lane exits to Kittanning/Ford City/Pittsburgh/Butler and the left lane is to Kittanning). Stay in the left lane toward Kittanning and go up over the hill. At the top of the hill, there will be a Dollar General on your right, and a Roadway Inn and Dairy Queen on your left. Proceed down the hill. (see local map above for numbered directions that follow)

(1) At the bottom of the hill, bear right at the first traffic light onto South Water Street.

(2) Make a right at the next light onto Walnut Street (Sheetz will be on the corner).

(3) Make a left at the next intersection onto South Jefferson Street. Go three blocks. Family-Life TV will be on right. South Jefferson is a one-way street at this block. Park either side of the street or in the municipal parking lot directly across from the station.

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