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A podcast is an audio or video archive of a program or event syndicated on the Internet. Examples of a podcast is a radio show, a news broadcast, a band's latest cut from their album, or - in the case of Family-Life Church - a weekly video of the sermon or other teaching segments.
Why is it called a "podcast"?
The name comes from the popular Apple iPOD. This has caused confusion because an iPOD is not necessary to view or listen to a podcast. You can store and play them on your PC as well. However, iPODs are nice because you can take the podcast with you while you travel, commute to work, or exercise.
How do I download your podcasts?
You can manually download the podcast each week from our podcast web page. However, if you would like to have it automatically download for you every week, download and install iTunes and follow the directions at the right.
I have downloaded and installed iTunes on my computer. Now what?
Once you have downloaded iTunes (or if you have it already installed on your computer), click on the "iTunes Store" from the left column menu. Once in the iTunes store, click on " podcast" in the left hand column iTunes Store menu. In the upper right hand corner, you will see a search area for the iTunes Store.  Click in that search text box and type "Family-Life Church". It will display our information. Click on the subscribe button. Each time a new video is added, it will automatically download to your iTunes. You can watch it by clicking on "PODCASTS" in the "Library" section in the left hand column. Then click on the episode you wish to view. 
Is there a cost to subscribing to the our podcasts?
It may be hard to believe, but there is no charge when you use iTunes and subscribe to our video ministry.  Feel free to copy it, burn it, and share it with friends. It is our prayer that you will be able to use our podcasts to enrich your own spiritual life and thereby, be a blessing to someone else. 
I'm a "techy-type" person.... How does it all work ? ? ?
OK... but this is only for the techy-types!!!  Podcasts piggy-back off RSS feeds. An RSS feed is a way of syndicating the content of files on a site for download. When we add a new  a new video to our Internet server, the RSS feed is updated to note the new video. [RSS 2.0 features a concept called enclosures - basically like email attachments. A podcast is stored as an enclosure, which happens to be our video file, usually in an MP4 format. Apple iTunes periodically checks our RSS feed. If there are any new entries, the podcast is automatically downloaded and makes them ready to view on your desktop iTunes player. You connect your iPOD and iTunes "syncs" your iPOD with the downloaded podcasts in iTunes.  Family-Life Church uses this technology to syndicate its weekly services to your computer desktop, which is then extended to your iPOD.  It's a simple as that!  

iTunes and iPOD are trademarks of Apple Corporation. Visit their website for more information on specific products. 

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